About me

my_name[mo/author]%> Matthias\ Osswald
tell_me_more[mo/characterize]%> cat ~/statements
Software rots without me. If different is an improvement, go for it. When it's running without you, let it run. Coding test driven is more fun and helps to improve my code. Document everything, so that you can use the brain to think. I have a compulsion to learn.
morning[mo/drink]%> Coffee
programming_language[master]%> Python
version_control[master]%> GIT
editor[master]%> Vim
operating_system[master]%> Linux/MacOS
agile/                rust/
docker/               security/
quantum_computing/    testing/


|-- education
|   |-- Steinerschule\ Ittigen
|   |-- Gymnasium\ Lerbermatt
|   |-- ETH\ (one\ year)
|   `-- GIBB\ (application\ developer)
|-- languages
|   |-- German(CH)\ (native)
|   `-- English\ (Hastings\ NZ\ six\ month)
`-- employments
    |-- Insel\ Gruppe
    `-- 4teamwork

Leisure activities

free_time[mo/todo]%> git add paragliding
free_time[mo/todo]%> git add climbing
free_time[mo/todo]%> git add travelling
free_time[mo/todo]%> git commit -m "Do fun stuff!"
free_time[mo/todo]%> git push origin mo/todo